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Please do your best to find answers before sending your questions to me. There is no corporation or team that keeps up this site or answers the email, just one person with limited health and time. I foolishly tried to help too many, badly overdid, landed back in the hospital and ended up with so much lung damage I was forced into an early medical retirement. Lingering respiratory problems leave me limited "up time". I really do not want to spend my little up time answering emails from people unwilling to do their homework. Although I am willing to do some consulting, I am not a free design service or engineering firm, nor can I walk each of the hundreds that read this site daily through the detailed steps they need to implement these solutions. This site has become incredibly busy as the top clearing house for dust collection information. As a result I spend at least six hours a day with more on weekends and holidays answering email and using my engineering background to review, select, test, refine and share solutions here. I welcome and want to hear your suggestions, alternative solutions, and recommended improvements plus want to hear of any problems you may find with these pages that need repaired. I also need your help to become aware when something important comes up. It also makes my day to see your successes, pictures, comments, and financial support contributions.

Unless you properly title your email it can get lost. Even with special coding to disguise my email address the popularity of this site coupled with my email address being spread all over the Internet means I average over 6,000 mostly spam emails a day, so I pay a service to clean my emails. They delete all known junk mail, email with an invalid from address, and any other emails that are not titled either Customer Dust Collection Question or Customer Cyclone Question unless it comes from my small list of family and friend addresses. The deleted items never make it into my inbox, so I never see them. I try to answer all emails within two days and send automatic responses when I am away, so if you do not get a response, please ensure you are using a valid email from address and have your email properly titled.

You may send me email at: BPentz @ cnets . net (omit spaces) or Click here to email. Thank you for your patience.

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